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We set out with the vision of creating a custom resource to effectively meet the compliance, risk reduction and certification needs of environmental and construction industries. We offer a classroom facility and web presence where learners and instructors collaborate, discuss, engage and play. CHC Training (CHC) offers solutions where students can ignite their passion and explore their interests.

It is our mission to push past the industry standard and provide training that is convenient, innovative, tailored, and compliant. At CHC, you will experience; classrooms that are not in warehouses but in climate controlled environments (or even your home), expert instructors that give practical applications vs. ‘war stories’, interactive self-guided content, and technology that allows you to learn anywhere in the world, WITH anyone in the world.

The cornerstone of CHC’s success has been the development of online asbestos refresher courses. Having seen students commuting hours to renew, CEO, Danaya Wilson redesigned the 1986 EPA and OSHA regulations using a variety of methodologies like gamification, infographics, and other elearning activities which research shows have been proven to increase both retention and engagement among existing workers and newly hired millennials. Additionally, prior to CHC, courses were segregated by state, limiting crucial knowledge transfers across state lines. Our online courses have been able to connect individuals from all over the country. Furthermore, since their inception CHC’s asbestos online courses have a maintained a consistent 100% student success rate and offer a valuable state-of-the-art solution to environmental compliance training recognized by the air quality control departments of nineteen state agencies.

From asbestos training to OSHA safety, we offer everything the abatement, construction, restoration and demolition industries need to gain a competitive edge, while ensuring compliance and employee engagement!


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