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Colorado's New Radon Law

In July of 2021, Governor Polis signed HB21-1195 into law*, making Colorado one of only a few “licensed” states. The law is regulated by DORA: the department of regulatory agencies for the state of Colorado. These Colorado radon regulations are part of a sunset law, so it will be in place for ten years. If the citizens demand it’s kept, it will have to be voted into law again in 2031. If its deemed superfluous, it will expire in ten years.

How does the new radon law affect Coloradans?

Colorado’s new radon law is a consumer protection law. Stakeholders in Colorado, including myself, have seen an unprecedented number of consumers with “bad mitigation systems” or having professional radon tests being performed with substandard procedures and equipment.  These systems do not meet industry best practices and put the homeowner in significant danger. Imagine you bought a furnace and it was installed by someone with no training or experience. That furnace could break, maim, or even kill you. That’s why HVAC professionals are licensed. We see the same need for radon professionals.

Radon is a class A carcinogen. It is estimated that nearly two Coloradans die every day as a result of prolonged radon exposure. Radon in Colorado is a serious matter and Colorado Radon professionals have fought to treat it as such. We want to see homeowners safe, and in order to do that we need to penalize contractors acting in bad faith. When a homeowner buys a radon system, it should work. Our hope is that this new Colorado radon law will curb the installation of bad systems and prevent needless disease in our fellow citizens.

What do contractors need to know?

  1. Take and pass an NRPP* accredited course (*National Radon Proficiency Program)
  2. Pass your exam, obtain your national credentials
  3. Register your credentials with DORA
  4. Follow industry code, which includes being licensed and bonded

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