Training and Education


ME is an environmental and occupational training provider. We provide training for those who work with asbestos, lead, mold, water and methamphetamine. Our facility first opened in 2013. For 12 years we have strived to provide training that adds value to each one of our students and the company they represent. We provide in depth training that emphasizes on the need of understanding state and federal regulations. Our instructors have decades of field experience in the disciplines being taught so that our students not only get the “know-how” but also understand the “WHY” we do things. ME has a state-of-the-art facility equipped with audio/visual that accommodates up to 24 students. Our hands on area is set up to provide a real life scenario for students to get them better equipped for what they will actually be facing once out in the field. ME also provides many online courses and very useful resources through our website such as a virtual library and practice test for many disciplines.


George Robles


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